Let me read your palm….

February 9th, 2010

“Chiromancie” is palmistry in French….why does EVERYTHING sound so much prettier in French?

This vintage slip needed some repair, so i fixed all it’s little time-worn wounds. i dyed it twice with tea, once with Chai, once with Earl Grey, to give it a really mottled and antique coloring.

I stitched on many many layers of various lace trims at the hem. The embellishments are a hand-embroidered palmistry chart worked onto 1940’s era doily, rosettes of gathered lace, vintage rhinestone buttons, and a satin rose and vine applique to which i added a few tiny rhinestones recycled from a vintage dress.

At the hip, i stitched on another very old doily and some lace with little pearls, also recovered from a vintage dress. Pretty lace trim under the bust and YET ANOTHER old doily and lace rosette at the bodice.

I do so  love a doily……

well, THAT was fun!

February 7th, 2010

The New Year has come and gone with nary a peep or a post on this poor unloved blog. As usual, it’s hard to balance LIVING life, staying creative, taking interesting photos of said creativity, and sharing it here. I miss it.

2009 flew past so fast, and there were many many changes. Some good, some sad, but all a part of my growth. I did so much lasy year it’s dizzying to think over it all. I made so many things that i never got photos of! I had the honor of participating in an incredibly wonderful indie craft fair “Crafty Feast” in my community, i had a fun run with Columbia Alternacirque, went on hiatus from circuslife, quit bellydancing, played with fire,  couldn’t stand to stay away from bellydance afterall and joined a new dance troupe, adapted to my Mister going back to school, and on and on.

I miss my daily babbling, but sometimes it’s hard to go on and on about “me me me” without feeling kinda self-centered. I am not really interesting in the grand scheme of things, and it sometimes feels awkward. My life is not one magical adventure after another, and who wants to read all my rambling run-on sentences anyway!

That said, i have this yearning to return to my habit of sharing my creative processes, my misadventures, and my occasional triumphs. So for 2010, i would really really like to get back to blogging more often. I am going to try…..really i am! No, i mean it!

So, here we go!

Just so we don’t have an utterly photo-less post, i’ll share one my favorite Button Box designs  of the winter….”Nostalgia Scarves”!

I actaully made five of these, but i was unable to get photos of all of them. I REALLY love them! They are a mash-up of eyelet lace vintage “dresser scarves that i pieced togehter, all kinds of laces, layered up, made into rosettes and whathaveyou, old doilies and vintage buttons. All dyed with tea, of course (it’s what i do! it’s my thing!) They were so fun to make….collaging all that old stuff that would normal laungish in someone’s boxes of “crap that used to belong to my granny”. Really proud of them, and i get all giddy when i see them adorning my friends who scooped ‘em up. There is only one left….finding the matching sets of eyelet dresser scarves that i need to create them is a bit of a treasure-hunt, so i doubt i’ll make any more unless i get lucky again! Spring is just around the corner anyway, so i need to turn my creative eye on more spring-y things anyway! I can always tell….pink is catching my eye and i’m dreaming of flowers and gnomes and faerie-ish whimsy!

Hoping that spring dreams are filling your days, too!


The Sad Tale of Petula Poe

December 17th, 2009

Petula was a woeful girl, listlessly wandering in her bleak garret, pondering over her many musty volumes of poetry, scribbling out sad rhymes of her own at her cluttered dusty desk. She dreamed of grey days and black Ravens, her imagination full of terrible sad tales and broken , lonely hearts.

She’d sit in her window, sighing and gazing mournfully out over the town, never bold enough to venture out into the sunlight…Petula would only dare leave her tiny bleak apartments on the cold and wet days to try to sell her poems to the nearby publishing house (who more often than not would scoff at her works and send her away in tears), buy a meager basket of wine and bread, and whatever new books by her favorite poets she could scavenge from the corner bookseller.

Petula’s parents did not understand, nor did they approve of her writing or her dreams of becoming a published poet, and finally they sent her a rather scathing letter informing her that this life was NO life for a well-bred young lady…That unless she returned home to settle down, find a proper husband and take her proper place in polite society, her monthly allowance would immediately be cut off.

Petula could not imagine such a life for herself, and stubbornly refused, ignoring her parents threats and carrying sadly on as always. As always, forever writing poem after poem, all of which were rejected, leaving her penniless. And winter came….the few sticks she would burn for warmth, and the few crumbs she could find to eat could not sustain her. Sitting at her window, Petula sighed her final sigh and met her end at last, unpublished, but steadfast in her choice to write, no matter the cost, be it death itself.

Cameo Key-Keeper….

October 29th, 2009

More fun with re-purposing and reconstructing! Once upon a time, this was a girls velvet party dress….i cut the top off, let all the gathers out, and sewed in a channel to run many lengths of tea-dyed lace ribbons through, draw-string style so that it can fit many waist sizes.  When they are are tied in a big bow, they form a “bustle-ish” effect. To the ends of some of the ribbons, i sewed on random skeleton keys.

I embellished the front of the skirt with tea-dyed  vintage doilies, a cameo applique,  an old wind-up key,  vintage mother of pearl buttons and other trinkets. Sewed on a whole bunch pearls.

It’s another of those projects that took forever to complete, with soooooo much hand stitching of embellishments….but i think it was worth it! I imagine some mad ghostly housekeeper wandering around a dim old mansion with her jingling keys, unable to remember which key opens what lock…..lost in the corridors forever.

Hoping you are having a spooktacular day!


Electra Marie

October 27th, 2009

Little Electra Marie loved her daddy ever so much..she wanted to be just like him when she grew up, and was so delighted when he gifted her with “Junior Mad Scientist Kit”…..just like Papa’s work, only smaller for a small inquisitive girl.

The only problem was that her kit could never seem to generate enough electrical current to make her experiments come to life. One day, she crept into her papa’s lab to use his tools…

…..ZAP!!!!!!!!!! Too much electricity flowing into her small experiment was just too much was her undoing…..perhaps her Papa can use the correct voltage to bring her back one day…..

“S” is for Skeleton

October 21st, 2009

This was one of my BIG projects for the Halloween season….a re-purposed coat that i went completely insane on! I embroidered six large, happy skeletons all the way  around the bottom and gave them vintage mother-of-pearl eyes I stitched on lots of lace that i tea dyed with Earl Grey for accents at the waist and cuffs. Finally, i sewed on a cute little vintage heart shaped doilie on the breast pocket, and  a tea-dyed lace rosette with a vintage button in the center on the collar. Really happy with the end result….really sad that it’s too small for me and needs to find a home with a smaller skeleton than mine!

Hoping everyone is well and wonderful today!


Mariposa in the Rosemary

October 19th, 2009

This morning, i saw a flash of wings….

She turned to look back at me, smiling so sweetly….

She sat down to rest for a moment…

She seemed so content in the morning sun, and i could not help but admire her loveliness…

But she soon explained that she must return to her work, gathering sprigs of rosemary, for remembrance, and disappeared with a rustle of wings among the branches.



Dancing Down The Path, Year Two

July 8th, 2009

It’s a bit past the “official two year anniversary” point of my dance journey. It’s become so intense and amazing that i find it hard to articulate my feelings. I’ve gone to TribalCon (Oh my GOD, Donna Majia…life changing) and also had a Zoe Jakes, a Tempest and an Asharah workshop. I had my brain scrambled by beginning some Suhaila format drilling on top of my ongoing struggle to gain proficiency in ATS working with Natalie Brown, all the while still trying to take some time to have a few glasses of wine to cut loose and dance just for the joy of it.  Technique? All bets are off! Hahaha! All the while getting closer to my classmates, my instructor, the fantastic ladies of Delirium Tribal. Becoming part of a community of women that i respect, admire, and just plain enjoy spending time with. Becoming part of a TRIBE. I’ve played with fire and had my imagination captured by the beautiful possibilities of adding flame to my dance.

I’ve worked with Columbia Alternacirque for four incredible shows….i’ve come to love my fellow performers so much, I’ve rocked out on an imaginary violin, i’ve worn dazzling mirror-bird masks, helped a mad scientist bring creepy dollies to life, i have cursed, sweated and laughed uncontrollably and felt like part of something truly magical. And now, i’ve even gotten to be part of an epic Bollywood inspired piece of madness…as an apprentice Delirium Dancer. I’ve come INCREDIBLY far….so much farther than i have ever dreamed possible for myself. I have a LONG LONG way to go…but the journey is so fun that i can’t even imagine what the destination must be like.
I am so VERY grateful for every moment of it……

Bella Bara

May 8th, 2009

Bella was found on the doorstep of an orphanage in a tiny coffin shrouded with black lace….what a surprise for the nuns when they found the strange baby inside! The handwritten parchment note said simply “Bella Bara” in blood red ink.

Bella grew to be a odd girl, flapping around like a bat, avoiding the sun at all cost and insisting on watching Dracula at the cinema over and over, staring at the other children in a an oddly menacing Bela Lugosi-ish way that frightened them nearly to death. Bella was over the moon with joy when they showed old silent films of Theda Bara. She told all of her little friends she was a “Vamp”….they all just shook their heads and avoided poor Bella.

But somehow, Bella just knew she was the daughter of Bela Lugosi and Theda Bara…surely it must be true! Again, other orphans laughed and the nuns scolded Bella for such sinful imaginings.

Finally Bella could bear it no longer….she put on her nicest black velvet frock and climbed out of the window and down the old rose bush, and ran off into the night to find her real parents. She walked in the lovely cool moonlight, so excited to find her fortune at last….but soon, the moon dropped low in the sky and the sun began to rise. There was nowhere for Bella to hide.  Her mystery may never be solved, and the nuns have forbidden the other children to speak of Bella ever again….but the all know the truth of the tale, the poor orphaned half-vampire girl knew just who her parents were after all.

We are the music-makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams

April 28th, 2009

What an amazing group of artists….i am so happy and privileged to be a part of the magic….i am still reeling from it all!

Click HERE to see tons more photos from last Friday’s Columbia Alternacirque show. Thanks to Joshua Beard for the beautiful photography!


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