Mouse in a telescope

February 28th, 2006

Behold the tampon case Army, and be afraid. Very very afraid.
So i FINALLY finished them…i suppose i should probably make a few more, but i really am quite sick of the sight of them and ready to move on to the next task. But, i must admit, they look pretty cute in a big group like that, in spite of the bad glare-y night-photo i just took of them.
Ahh, the wonders of felt!

busy busy bee queen

February 27th, 2006

I have been busily sewing and making and planning, getting ready for Mutation. :) i spent most of the weekend working on boring old tampon cases. I also cleaned the house and had ACTUAL SOCIAL TIMEĀ  with Leslie Ryan, Gage and Maddie both saturday and sunday! Unheard of! :) The little beast ADORES Gage and Maddie and has been talking about them all day :)

Today, i am finishing up a little monster for someone special who i love til it burns worse than the worse burn ever…i think there is a birthday on the horizon! :)

So we just decided to maybe make some cute buttons with the beautiful logo that my own personal dwarf-moss addicted sweatshop faeries designed for me from my silly drawing of a swirly bird. :) I think they made it really really lovely!

Dirty Satyrs

February 24th, 2006

I decided that if we have Naughty Faeries, then we HAVE to have DIRTY SATYRS, too! :) Another goatmilk based soap, with patchouli, sandalwoodand a tiny tiny touch of hoodoo “Come to Me” oil blend. I added ground up loofa to make it full of exfoliating goodness. Dirty Satyrs usually need to be scrubbed pretty hard :) It’s all wrapped, i just need to add tags now. I think soap-making is my new favorite thing, but i have ALOT of other stuff i MUST work on now.

I just got done cutting out a bunch of felt for happy tampon cases. I no longer have TIME to waste on being mopey and depressed, so i am IGNORING all my negative feelings and just throwing myself into working hard to mkae lots of goodies to sell at Mutation. It has still not sunken in completely. There are so many little details that i had not thought about much because i never really believed i’d be accepted (They LIKE me, they REALLY REALLY like me!). Now i have a list of about a million things that need doing/thinking about. Which, altho’ stressful, is exactly what i needed to distract me from my navelgazing and depressed nastiness.
So enough time-wasting on Myspace…gotta go sew some googly-eyed tampons appliques now. Hilarious. All this and i gotta crack the whip on those slack-ass sweat shop faeries too. Turn your back one second and they are off smoking dwarf moss and lazing about as those there is no VERY IMPORTANT WORK that MUST BE DONE! LOL!
(no, i am not talking to you, Eric! Kisses! teehee!)

Oh My!

February 23rd, 2006

Mutation is a GO.

I’m IN.


oh crap, what have i gotten into? Crafting has now officially become my JOB.

write more letters!

February 23rd, 2006

I seem to have a “thing” these days with patches!I got a really pretty one from
I used it to pretty up what WAS a very ugly black tote bag that had the logo of my Mister’s former employers printed on it. The stitching is a bit wonky, but i still like the bag MUCH better now! Plus, it is a reminder for me to WRITE MORE LETTERS! Snail mail is the best! i am using the bag to carry around my papercraft stuff and notebooks, zines and journals. I run up and down the stairs getting stuff from the art room allthe time, so having a few bags to haul my goodies all over the house makes life alittle easier.

La Vie En Rose

February 22nd, 2006

A while back, i signed up for the “Spring Muse” paper doll swap on the BMuse yahoo group. It has taken me forever to get it going, but today the inspiration came and the Edith Piaf doll was born. I truly and deeply love her music, and La Vie En Rose is one of my all time favorite songs. I have been listening to my Edith discs alot lately while i sew and hang out in the “art room” upstairs, so the doll is kinda a tribute to how inspiring i find that incredible French music. I wish the photos were better…i know better than to try to get pictures at night when the light is bad. But i was so excited to have completed a doll tonight that i could not wait to share.

I put a necklace on her so that she could have a pearl over her “throat chakra” to symbolize her amazing voice, a rose crown and tulle veil, and her body is covered with rose printed tissue paper, fake roses and petals, tulle, ribbons, lace and buttons. I have a feeling she is a bit dimensional for the swap…but i just CANNOT seem to make a flat doll!!! Oh well. I like her and hate to mail her away tomorrow, but she must venture out into the world. I hope whoever gets her enjoys her as much as i enjoyed creating her tonight.

pretty junk for a happier day

February 21st, 2006

Here are some of the things that are making me very happy right now…the insect specimen and faerie are valentine presents from my eldest. So pretty! The bug is an adult doodlebug/ant lion. I had no idea that they grew up to be lovely winged flyers! The faerie is just so shiny and wonderful that it makes me smile just to look at it. I love my son!

Next is the “La Vie En Rose” goatmilk soap i made over the weekend…it is the only creative thing i managed to accomplish, alas. The soap IS very nice, however, so i can’t complain too much.

And Here’s a big pile of creative chaos….i seem to work best when i am confronted with a big pile of pretty messy junkiness.Blogger is making all my photos look weird and pixelated…this in combination with the fact that it has eaten a few of my posts is beginng to annoy me. i wish that i was more techinical so i could figure this stuff out for myself. grrrr. Just going to have to wait til the Mister is in the mood to help i suppose. Until then, please bear with my ugly blog. :P

Black Widows in February

February 18th, 2006

I am very proud of my 14 year old…he is very into entomology and plans to attend college someday to make to make it his career. I think that is SO fascinating and awesome, and i feel very lucky to have such a brilliant and interesting kid. HOWEVER…his bug collecting has just gone beyond my comfort zone….a little earlier he told me he found a dead black widow spider in the backyard, and could he have a jar to put it in. Now, i have an unreasonable fear of those nasty little arachinids, due to my rural upbringing. they pounded it into our heads from toddlerhood that those pretty shiny black creatures were DEADLY, NEVER GO NEAR THEM. I had no problem complying with that lesson. So i was alittle uncomfortable with:
a) the fact that Raven was handling a widow, dead OR alive,
b) that he found one in our yard in FEBRUARY, dead or alive.
So time passes and the truth comes out. The thing was ALIVE when he found it, and he had a LIVE FUCKING WIDOW in a jar. My hands immediately began shaking and that sick panicky feeling began. Yes, i realize that if he were to get bitten that it would very likely not kill him, but make him really ill. Regardless, i am really really scared of widows. No other spiders bother me. In fact, every summer, we have so many of those huge yellow and black writing spiders around here that they sort of “rule” the ecosystem. I figure that is just the way it is supposed to be and i don’t bother them. But widows are a different story. I am not foolish enough to think they are not all over our yard during the summer months…in fact i have encounted quite a few over the years here. I usually freak out and make big daddy deal with them because i am so afraid of the little beasty getting bitten by one. But it is FEBRUARY. Granted, it has been really warm lately, but STILL! it is just NOT spider season in my mind. Apparently, it is ALWAYS spider season, and my kid had a LIVE one. Xanax time. I dug up an old can of wasp killer and had him dispatch the thing. Probably not humaely, and i will probably find myself reincarnated as a black widow getting squished under some ruthless bootheel someday. But i can’t handle the thought of my eldest son with a freaking black widow for a pet. Now i think he is going to try to mount it in a specimen case. Wonder if they are still poisonous after they are dead? I wish he’s just get rid of it altogether. Damn entomology.

So any of you reading this with kids that play outside regularly, keep an eye out…just because it is winter DOES NOT mean that there are no nasty poisonous bitches out there!!!

it’s all about the journey

February 17th, 2006

Back during the summer, i got the most hideously ugly, but somehow sooo very intriguing vintage curtains while thrifting,.Printed all over them are various images of “antiquated” modes of travel…they really are horrible in the best possible way. Over time, i also collected some equally hideous old upholstery fabric. A few days ago, it occurred to me that those two pieces of ugliness needed to be married into something new. Thus, the fabulous new “journey” bag was born: It is lined in olive green cotton (also thrifted) and has a strap made of braided ribbons. Inside are two ’secret pockets” made with more old timey transportation fabric. This bag was HARD for me..thse are NOT my colours and don’t fall in my pallete “comfort zone” i fear that this may actually be very hideous, yet somehow, i still like it because it challenged me to think outside my ususal box, plus it is constructed a little differently. This is DEFINITELY a VERY different type of creation for me to attempt.


February 17th, 2006

A while back, i got some really great little canvas monster patches from Fishcakes Designs
There are so many cute ones that i did not know what to choose, but i KNEW that the little beast NEEDED some tee-shirts with these awesome monster patches sewn on. The above photo is a perfect example…and yes, he DOES disobey, as a matter of fact, so this is the most perfect shirt in the world for mommy’s little monster. I will be making LOTS more of these hilarious shirts for summer toddler-wear! LOL!

As if things could BE more wonderful this Valentine week, my most talented and amazing sister made this gorgeous necklace for me. I so wish the photos did it justice, in real life it is much pinker and sparkle-ier and shiny and perfect. It is my new favorite thing in the world adn it makes me feel pretty when i am wearing it…no easy feat!! it really *IS* MAGIC! She is really getting so good at jewelry-making and i am so lucky to get to own these fantastic pieces of wearable art!

In a little while, i am taking the beast to his first session at the kid’s gym. I am hoping that all the running and flipping and climbing and being in a space where he is ENCOURAGED to run amok will make him a little more bearable at home. We have reaslly been driving each other crazy lately and i am beginning to question my ability to homeschool him. How can i teach him to read when i can’t even keep him from peeing into his toybox just to drive me crazy. This has been a most challenging time, these past few weeks, adn i am grouchy and exhausted and as much as i love and adore the little mosnster, i often feel that i can’t handle this “job” so well. So cross your fingers that the gym will bring some peace to the house(wife)

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