La Violette and spiderbabies

March 29th, 2006

So, obviously, i have learned alittle about how to upload pictures with the mac at last! So, without further chit chat, here is the stuff i have made recently

Over the weekend, i smelled the most INCREDIBLE perfume from France, called simply, “Violette” (and i am STILL beating myself for not buying it. But, it was at Anthropologie, and i can’t give them money since they are owned by the evil Urban Outfitters) Violet is one of my very favorite scents and flowers. It inspired a few violet-y creations:

La Violette Purse

La Violette Journal

Imp of Spring soap…reeking of Violet, honeysuckle and rose….mmm.. stinky like a victorian granny!

And, now for something alittle different…the Spiderbaby Journal!

Step into my Parlour….

pink naughty nightmare bag

March 29th, 2006

Can you HANDLE so much PINK??? Eye scorching, it is!

a post without pictures

March 28th, 2006

I have become very lax in my blogging. We are the proud owners of a brand new mac mini now, and i am having to re-learn how to do everything. i LIKE the mac, but it is alittle frustrating to start all over again right now when i am so immersed in getting ready for Mutation. So this will be a rambly post , but no new picures today because i just don’t have the mental energy to figure out how to put them up here without big daddy here to “coach” me. (Sorry Darin, i know you hate coaching. :( I have alot of new stuff to show off as soon as i re-grow some brain cells and feel up to dealing with it!

Meanwhile, the days are ticking down til Mutation…less than two weeks away now and i am starting to feel panicky. I have alot of stuff to sell, but i am looking at it all and feeling woefully inadequate. The truth behind the red curtain is that i techinically really have no idea what i am doing. I don’t “REALLY” know how to sew and i am mostly self-taught on how to use the machine, i never use a pattern for anything, i just kind of whack away at it til it looks like the thing i envisioned. i have crooked seams and wonky stitching. I use secondhand fabrics that often are imperfect. I stay up FAR too late working on things, and it sometimes feels as if i am “sleep-crafting” because i am so tired all the time. I wonder if my creations look like they were made up by a deranged, sleep deprived Mrs. Habersham wannabe. I have hideous moodswings. Is this what it is to be an ‘artist”? I know that it will be better after the ‘big day”, even if the “big day’ turns out to be a flop. It is all the NOT KNOWING how it will turn out that is so crazy-making. The herculean effort to have NO EXPECTATIONS is so tiresome! I want it to be a success, yet i have no idea how my work will be received, and it is scary to put myself out there like this. Because i LOVE MAKING things!!! i really do! Even tho’ it is a kind of torture right at the moment! At the root of all this is the simple fact that i NEED to be creative…it keeps me sane and makes me happy and fullfilled. It would be amazing if things go well. But i have definitely gotten the fear over the last few days that my skills are not up to par enough to try to SELL things. I guess i am a big coward. however, fear or no fear, there is no turning back now!

Mommy’s Little Monster!

March 26th, 2006

Mommy's Little Monster

he is SO punk rock that it makes my heart hurt!

a lazy afternoon and a heart full of hurting

March 21st, 2006

the worst hurts are the ones coming from people you love who have no idea how much impact their words have on one’s heart. Careless selfish hurts. I know i am overly sensitive, especially right now. but i have been licking my little wound all afternoon, wondering how best to handle it. Probably the way i always do, by ignoring the ouch til it fades without ever uttering a word to the wounder. Sigh. I hate confrontation, especially when i know that i will be percieived as overreacting to the situation.
And the tho’ there are sour times today, there was a long stretch of sweetness. The little beast was so worn out from his gym class this morning, that he took a nice long nap. We snuggled up in our big comfy bed, and i read my book for awhile, and had a tiny catnap myself.  No work, no crafting. Just cuddling beside my sweet-smelling, sweatyheaded little boy for a long stretch of soul-healing quiet rest on this chilly gray rainy day. Soon i will pour a big glass of merlot and go upstairs and sew til i get lost in my little world of jumbled ribbons, button jars and recklessly tossed piles of fabrics, papers paints and modpodge. The muse heals all. Housework be damned.


March 21st, 2006

Charlie's mehndi

Inspired by this post at (cute as a) button :

I just had to go back and revisit the pictures of my beloved friend Charlie’s gorgeous, intricate mehndi-work that he adorned us with on our last visit to Savannah. I remember the spicy-clove smell of the henna, and the magical lightness of touch as he made our appendages beautiful with his mystical mud! :) I miss my “family” in Savannah extra bad today.

More busywork!

March 20th, 2006

Mutation is eating my life! Not really in a BAD way…it just seems that everything in my world is orbiting around this event. I am trying very hard NOT to have any expectations…it is so new and i can’t even begin to imagine how it will all pan out. I am just dilligently working away at getting plenty of “inventory” and letting the days play out as they will until the show whilst keeping the tattered remnants of my sanity gathered around me so as not to expose too much of the VERY frightened pink underbelly of me. :) Darin just picked up my business cards from the printers, so i am about to implode because i want to SEE THEM RIGHT NOW, but i must wait til he comes home from work this evening. I am not well known for my patience!!! I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that i now have “BUSINESS CARDS”. i need to see them to make everything seem “real”!

Meanwhile, more and more stuff seems to magically appear. I am blown away by my own industriousness. By nature i am a lazy languid kinda girl. I had no idea i had all this ambition! Here are the fruits of my recent craftmaking labors:


purple monster

compostion journal

vintage napin totebag

I just could not get a good photo of the totebag, it is so overcast today, all my pictures seem murky. Anyway, the bag is made of old cloth napkins i got thrifting last week. It had pretty brown satin ribbons for handles with plenty of buttons embellishing it (as usual) and is lined with some great brown polkadotted fabric i found that same day. It was as if they were meant to be put together somehow, it all came together almost on it’s own! i love it when that happens. It is a HUGE bag, one of the biggest i have ever made. I think it could have used a stiffer innerfacing, but once it gets filled with stuff, i think it will be fine. the napkins are imperfect, with some tiny ancient water spots here and there, but that makes me love it even more…i wonder over the history of them…what fantabulous 70’s dinner parties did these napkins attend? I will never know. :)
i admit, i am getting very burned out and bored with making monsters, but i have set myself a goal of making at least three to to take to the show. One more and i am DONE. i do not plan to make any more for while. I am still mostly enjoying making the journals, but i think after two or three more i will bored with that too! I want to make a bunch a NEW stuff, but i can’t just yet. Sigh. It just feels so weird that it is like my “JOB” now, therefore i have to make myself do things that i am not always in the mood to do. After Mutation, i am ONLY going to make one of a kind type stuff for a while!

Not so much

March 17th, 2006

I have been very slack about taking photos of the stuff i have been making this week and i don’t TRULY have much to say…it’s been a ‘meh’ sort of week with my unhappy spine and general need to just slooooooooooow down and be alittle lazy for a while til i feel inspired to take photos, step up the “making” and rejoin the rest of the world. I have been shamefully lazy all day and done NOTHING other than take the beast to the gym for his class. Not a dish washed or a garment folded. No sweeping, tidying or cleaning a single thing. I should be ashamed, but honestly, today, i am not!I did get off my butt enough to go thrifitng earlier this week and found some really amazing old textiles that are evolving into new bags and things, and picked up a wonderful pristine hardcover copy of a book called ” Five Quarters of the Orange” that i am enjoying VERY much. It is written by the same woman who wrote “Chocolat”, Joanne Harris….which i am ashamed to say i have not yet read, but it is one of my FAVORITE movies of all time. So far, “Orange” has that same “feel” to it that i am just loving. Fifty cents well spent. Thank you, His House Thrift Store, for all thy cheap and wonderous bounty …for a mere 10 dollars, i walked out of there with a garbage bag STUFFED with goodness.So alot of reading and lazy-crafting like sewing toenails onto monster, making tags for soaps and sewing on buttons happening here at Casa de Lunatica. Not quite the excitement filled sweat-shop-esque kamikaze sew-a-thon that it was before, and I DO still have so much to do for Mutation prep, but i am trying to take better care of *ME* too. i have had horrid itchy hives this week from getting all stressed out and upset about some things beyond my control, which SUCKS. So that in combination with the hurting back tells me that my body wants me to chill. So i am chilling. Blah. Going to get Raven this weekend so i hope we can get in some good happy family time. :) Also a big trip to the craft store that i caNNOT WAIT to make coming up this saturday! WhooHoo!

I hope all of you guys ou there are well and having a wonderful friday. And because i can’t post a blog without SOME kind of photo, here is dooddle from my journal. Yes, i am a tree hugger, as well as being sub-standard at drawing things. Enjoy. xoxoxo


occupational hazards of too much sewing

March 14th, 2006

It never occured to me that sitting hunched over a sewing machine til the wee hours of the morning could end up being painful. Today, when i went to get up out of bed, my back had other ideas about just what type of movement it would allow me to make today. the whole right side of my lower back is just sorta…frozen-like, and hurtful adn ANNOYING because all i can do is sit here and not make any sudden moves. I guess the cute little stool i sit on a my sewing table is just not going to cut it anymore if i am going to continue sewing at this pace. I have six cases sewn for Darin’s knitting needles, only six more to go. Meanwhile, i am gimping around trying to keep the beast from totally wrecking the house out of boredom. IT was suppose dto be a gym day, but there was no way i was going to to be able to keep up with him there with my back all outta whack like this. It is so lovely outside, i want to go out and play, but AGAIN, it would seem that my body has other ideas about waht i should be doing today in spite of my urge to do stuff beyond sitting on my butt. On the up side, i did manage to finish off the book i had been reading, “Greenmantle” by Charles De Lint. It was very very good and made me want to go dancing naked in the moonlight even worse than before! I suppose since i am just sitting around i will try to finish at least one monster today. And dream wonderful dreams of muscle relaxers…..ahhh, if only i had one now.

The beast is being so sweet today, giving me lots of hugs and kisses to make me feel better, and keeping his wild nature mostly toned down to a small roar. i feel terribly gulity for not being up washing dishes and doing laundry. But i am calling in a sick day. And that is that.

New And Shiny

March 13th, 2006

I have a little stockpile of stuff i have been working on that i have not posted pictues of yet, so i thought tonight would be a good time to share my latest busy work with the world. So, on with the new pretties!

Naughty Wrestlers embellished notebook journal, cameo and vintage laces corsage pin. Beaded ribbon naughty faerie necklace and ENCHANT vintagefabric cuff bracelet.

A big fat happy blue velour and lavender fleece MONSTER made extra special just for someone who has a BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!! (NO, not looking at YOU, ERIC!! :) Barbarella says HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!

Last but not least, we finally got going on the giant knitting needles! Darin is making the wonderful needles, and i am sewing some fancy bags for the needles to live in when they are not knitting huge things like blankets and ponchos!
I have been mod podging labels on jars for naughty faerie milk bath, and started a new notebook journal. I also have two new monsters in the works and lots more needle cases to sew up. Have not even BEGUN on the rune sets!!! There is still so much to do before Mutation, yet i still feel really relaxed and good about it all. Well, to be fair, i DO melt down every so often, but mostly i am super pleased that i have maintained a nice steady flow of work, AND kept up with the little details of things without going utterly mad. It’s awesome and i am so happy!!! :)

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