(pushing up) Daisy

August 30th, 2006

(pushing up) Daisy is the botanist of the family. She prefers hanging out in the (bone) garden to just about any other pursuit, and she is in a expert in the fertilization of plants that grow in the (bone) garden near her very special personal plot.

And the newest cuff in my ” scrap collection”: unbuttoned!

now it’s off to make the next doll. I just can’t seem to stop….i am a woman possessed! Hope everyone is having a great wednesday!

Mad Annie

August 29th, 2006

Mad Annie is nothing like her sisters. She is not interested in tea parties and nice manners. Mad Annie much prefers gin and wild times. And she will put some hoodoo on you in a heartbeat if you mess with her. She thinks her sisters are silly featherbrained bores and steals (or just plain scares away) their boyfriends every chance she gets, just because she can.

Mad Annie is bad, bad young lady.

Rest in Pink

August 28th, 2006

Even dead dollies like to have tea parties!

i am so happy with how the pink doll turned out! Unfortunately she took alot longer to make than Violet, i just couldn’t stop messing with it to get it “just right”. But isn’t she pretty in pink?

I also made a new cuff bracelet over the weekend

Alas, the cuff was the straw that broke the camel’s back, in a manner of speaking. I have embroidered and hand sewn so much lately that i literally wore a bleeding hole into my finger. ( i really need to learn how to tolerate sewing with a thimble!!!!) The cuff did me in while i was sewing the buttonhole saturday night. So i did NO sewing on Sunday, which drove me crazy! I have the third skellie doll in the works, and she was just CRYING to have her limbs sewn on all day yesterday. But i reigned in my compulsive sewing urges and just did alot of (much needed) cleaning. I even got my art-craft room mostly tidied up, and that i a BIG accomplishment! So perhaps the ouchie finger was a blessing after all.
Now i have a big bandaid wrapped ’round my bum digit and the needle is calling… do i dare pick it up again? i have limbs to Frankenstitch, after all. What better way to spend a monday!

Shy little Violet

August 24th, 2006

Meet Miss Violet!

Miss Violet is the result of my “simplified” skull ragdoll experimentation. She is nowhere near as fancy with embroidery as the others i have made. She probably took about three 1/2 hours altogether to create. Maybe more, it’s hard to tell. I was not going to make slippers for her, but i just HAVE to do it. Her poor pale little toes need SOMETHING to keep the chill out of her bones!

I am pretty happy with how she’s turned out, but I had to FORCE myself not to go “over the top”. Her dress is some scraps of purple brocade and her shawl is just a simple scrap of lace tied with ribbons. I have two more planned now, a pink one and a black one, to take along to Mutation. And i think i succeeded in keeping it simple and “quick-ish” enough to keep the price down. GO me!

busy buzzing

August 23rd, 2006

Well, i had just HAD to step away from the tampon cases. Most of them are 98% complete, just need the googly eyes attached. But i could not bear to bother with them anymore for a while, so i worked on some packaging for the honey soap i made a while back. I really like the way it turned out! Two down…a bazillion to go! Whoohoo! :)

I am trying to think of some way to make some skull ragdolls in a simpler, less time consuming way. The embroidery for the faces alone takes hours and hours and hours, and they really are a lot of work to make. I am experimenting with a more simplified face, without the multiple colors and flowers and all. I am not sure how i feel about it yet, but i will post the finished project when i get it all done. I would love to include the dolls in my “inventory” for the show, but unless i can make it a much more inexpensive item, it’s just not practical.

I have so many ideas….i need to “reset” my brain and organize my thoughts about everything, and get my supplies togehter and my craftspace orderly….both my mind AND my stuff is ALL OVER THE PLACE right now. I am not stressed, just alittle frazzled. Gotta get myself togehter so that the frazzling does not turn into full-on unraveling!


August 22nd, 2006

It’s official…crafting is my job again…yesterday i got an email with the grand news that i have been accepted to vend at the Mutation craft show in Savannah on Oct. 7! I am ever so excited, of course!

The down side is that i have to get busy making a bunch of the “smaller” items that i do…naughty icon candles, journals and of course, the dreaded tampon purses of doom…

I had already started making a few…they are so easy and i have made so many that i can practically do it with my eyes closed. It’s not very exciting. But those are the sorts of things that sold well last time, so i must focus on getting alittle “stock” made, rather than focus on bigger and higher priced stuff like bags that don’t really sell very well.
Of course, i would rather be doing stuff like this:

Finished the latest tree last night while watching Weeds! What i want to do with it is sew it onto a nice little brown a-line skirt, with maybe a little rick-rack at the hem. You know, like the the a-line skirts that i am learning to sew. (ha!) I am ashamed to say, i have temporarily abandoned that undertaking until i am less hormonal and prone to tearful outbursts of frustration. But i WILL get it, even it it makes me cry! :)

Meanwhile, it’s list-making and planning and being up to my elbows in modpodge and felt and soap. Pray for me.

learning curve

August 21st, 2006

This jumbled mess you see here is my first attempt at using a pattern. A nice, simple a-line skirt. No problem, right? Easy peesy.
HA! It’s slow going…i have a LOT to learn. I “get” the way it all fits together, but i am alittle lost when it come to marking where the pleats go, and the notches, and all those weird little symbols that mean God-knows-what…. i am feeling just ALITTLE stupid right now. This should not be so hard! It makes me really angry at both my mom AND my mother-in-law, both of whom could be teaching me this stuff. But my mom is MIA, and my MIL is nearly impossible to get a commitment out of. So, i am forging ahead and figuiring it out MYSELF, dammit! I just want to get it done, because i have had images of simple skirts with embroidery all over ‘em for AGES. I think it will look really cool if i can EVER get a decent skirt sewn up.

Aside from skirt frustration, not too much crafting to report from the weekend. I was a big slug, honestly, hanging around embroidering while watching a Audrey Hepurn marthon on the classic movie channel all day saturday, dilligently emptying a big bottle of cheap-o Merlot, and tackling the great laundry mountain on sunday. I did bake a couple chai cheescakes for my hub’s work picnic, and i am almost done with the latest tree embroidery. But mostly, it was a whole lot of TV, wine, and slack. And that is OK with me!

idle hands

August 16th, 2006

Have you ever seen that very silly horror flick, “Idle Hands”? It’s pretty funny, if you like those sorts of movies, which i very much DO! Anyway, the premise is that one of this lazy stoner kid’s “idle hands” become possesed, and, of course mayhem ensues. At one point, he even attempts knitting to keep the hand too busy to wreak havock. I really identified with that!
Now, i don’t necessarily think my hands are “evil” per se, but i DO need to keep them busy at all times for reasons of mental health. When i am not busy making or doing something, i tend to slip into a very annoying melancholy navel-gazing pattern. This is why i am able to crank out so much work, i think…because i am almost ALWAYS manically (or maniacally?) working on SOMETHING. Alot of it never sees the light of day, buried in a pile of half-done projects and abandoned ideas. And that is ok, too. As much as i love the feeling i get when i take a concept from beginning to end, it is really the PROCESS that i enjoy the most…the DOING! And alot of times, the DOING causes me to stay up til 2 am, because i get so involved in making and doing and thinking , then i look up and OOPS! I’ve stayed up too late again. But it keeps me sane and balanced, and i am so happy to have this much needed outlet!

Last night, my not-so-idle hands were kept busy by making more fabric cuffs from scraps of tweedy fabric leftover from the skelton bag whilst sitting on my idle butt watching “Eureka” wth my hub. I dismantled one of my old busted looking belts and harvested the pyramid studs from it to make one of them. More recycling, huzzah!! However, putting the studs on was a GIANT pain in the booty.

My not-so-idle hands also drew out an new tree design to embroider, and pulled out a few bags that i had stalled out on, and did alittle drawing in my journal. My poor not-so-idle right thumb recieved my very first sewing machine injury while trying to get a particulary thick peice of horrible polyester to go under the presser foot. I HATE my sewing machine, and dream of the day when i can get a DECENT one!
So one more evening passed and my hands stayed busy, and i escaped the blahs again.

Now, if only i could get my idle FEET to work so industriously, prehaps i would not be so chubby!

using up leftovers

August 15th, 2006

i always have scraps and ends of fabric leftovers from various projects. I am going to try to start using them more often for projects like this. Cuffs are so simple to make, it only took a little time to whip it out while i vegged in front of the TV last night (new season of WEEDS! YAY!)

I love how it turned out…and i love that i recycled and RE-recycled some thrift fabric!

But i don’t know what’s up with me and all this brown and orange lately. I am not usually drawn to those colors, honestly, except in nature. And i pretty much never wear them or decorate with them myself. But i am really enjoying making stuff in this palette. Go figure.

i scream, you scream…

August 14th, 2006

I just could not resist sharing this face….

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