Just a little Hemlock

September 30th, 2006

Little Hemlock….for my friend Michele.
I have been rather absentee these days…i am sort of “locked up” in Mutation spasms. I have gotten everything that i have made together and tried to do “inventory”…and i have PLENTY of dollies and purses etc.. Theoretically i am totally good to go for the show, other than pricing things (which i dispise with every fiber of my being) and getting tags on stuff (which i overcomplicate in the most absurd way due to my utterly insane insistance on having FANCY tags, with ribbon and pearls and things strung on. No one ever notices these ridculous OCD details, but i am unable to stop myself from doing it, as it iseem very much a part of the “process” for me) I i need to add a stitch here and clip thread there, do all the little fiddly things. One of my lovely and amazing local friends is coming over to help me this evening(poor soul), and in return we are feeding her tandoori chicken and lots of lovely gin to ease the pain. So i *should* be relaxed and feeling calm and prepared. But all i can do is fret about the fact that i don’t have more of the “smaller” things that did so well last go ’round like candles and journals and soap. Ah well. My printer is not working very well so i can’t make lables and print images for collaging the journals, as much as i WANT to do it, i can’t. I also am having a terrible time coming up with the table display. I STILL have no idea of what to do with the purses. All these stupid little details running amock in my head that make me crazy and ultimatey don’t even matter!!!

Stupid stupid brain, shut up or i’ll stab you with a q-tip!!!!

Bethany Bathory

September 26th, 2006

Bethany Bathory is a terribly vain girl.

And she does love her baths…

she swears by her beauty secret: virgin’s blood. It is so good for the complexion.

well i tried

September 25th, 2006

We tried to get hair shots. But the sun was setting and making everything orange-y. So the magenta looks NOTHING like this in real like, But, since i did submit to having my picture taken (and with hell not frozen over, nor pigs with wings flying overhead, to boot!), i might as well put ‘em here so you can have a mug shot to go with the blogperson. Introducing…ME

In real life, my skin is NOT green, and my hair is not orange. I swear.

However, i *AM* that silly-looking in real life even WITHOUT the green and orange-ness

So there you have it. I am very sad that i cannot properly show off my pretty magenta hair, as it is my best feature. Oh well.

we’re all mad here

September 25th, 2006

So it’s looking like perhaps things might be returning to our version of “NORMAL” here in the buttonbox. Whatever “NORMAL” means. Things got way out of my control for a minute there, and it was scary. But i learned that i am a lot stronger than i ever imagined…and that tho’ there are sure to be more rapids around the riverbend, right now it’s calm and things will be ok.

i had a wonderful, productive weekend. I got my hair done for the frst time in ages, and it looks very cute and Louise Brooks-ish. I was overjoyed to find the beauty supply store has begun carrying my most favorite magenta dye again. So the hub worked his magic on my head and now i have wonderful glowing pinky-magenta hair that cheers me up every time i look in the mirror. Which is a big thing for me, because i mostly avoid the mirror and the horrorshow that it generally reflects. One does not have much occasion to look cute and well-dressed when living la vida Housewife. But now i am feeling all vain, wanting to go buy a new dress and put on make-up and behave like the Queen of Quite-a-lot. It is impossible for me to be too bummed out when i am rockin’ my beloved pink hair. :)

In crafty news….i completed two more little dead ragdolls. I have only photographed one so far, and the pictures are turning out horribly because it is overcast and gray….but here is Sugar Mama.

She is ALOT bigger than all the others, with much more elaborate sugar skull embroidery that i did a while back. I made her a little apron with milagro-print fabric with teensy pockets and little lace-up slippers from black felt and ribbons. It is so nice to see that she has risen so majestically from the “unfinished projects” pile that she has languished in for so long. I am very pleased with this big Mama Doll!

I am also very very very much in denial that the Mutation show is two weeks away. I am not as prepared as i would like to be. Haven’t made journals and candles. I still have not figured out how to display the bags, and i can’t seem to find some of the linens i used for draping the table last time around. I feel very frantic when i think of the list of things that i need to do. HOWEVER, i refuse to succumb to the stress. I am going to to Savannah to HAVE FUN. And hopefully to unload to some of these dolls and bags and other assorted Amanda-creations that are accumulating around here. But most of all, getting away, spending some time with my best friends, and maybe even sneaking down to the beach for a bit. What could be better!


September 22nd, 2006

So many unfinished things…

This is not always a nice calm channel for my life and creativity to flow through…sometimes there are very dangerous rapids and huge waterfalls to navigate. I cling with all my might to my raft and keep my head above the water the best i can, and i give all my life jackets to the other passengers in hopes that they will stay safe. Sometimes i forget to keep a lifejacket for myself. And sometimes i feel so very tired…just want to make it to the riverbank so i can rest alittle before i try to make it through the rapids again. If i can just reach it….

under lock and key

September 18th, 2006

I bought a bunch of these really cute journals recently…they had adorable teensy-tiny little locks and keys, but the covers were blank and brown. They looked like they would be good to embellish like i did the compostion notebook journals for last Mutation. I just finished working on the first one…

Made in the usual way…modpodge, lace, ribbons and and antique postcard image …

The light is terrible today, and i could not get a “true” picture….but you get the idea! I am just in love with the tiny lock+keys!!! One done, four more to go (if my printer will cooperate)!

sewing circle

September 18th, 2006

i always prick my fingers when i sew.

i wonder if that tiny scarlet drop of me is the sacrifice demanded by all those sititching Goddesses, busy at their webs and looms and spinning wheels.

And here i am, an upstart with my own stitching and weavings to make, drunk on too much wine and the heady rush of being possesed by the Muse. Ridden by something so much bigger and more important than myself. Daring to join the sewing circle, that magic circle of hands that dance  and call beauty and wonder and even practicality from the very fibers of living life.

I am so proud to have my place in the circle.

la Fée Verte

September 16th, 2006

I am pleased to introduce the newest member of my family of Little Dead Rag Girls…..Absinthia!

I have always had very romatic notions about Absinthe…some of my very favorite poets and artists were Absinthe drinkers. The Green Faerie was a Muse!

I will probably never get to try Absinthe…it’s illegal! But, i can still imagine the green muse that inspired so much art and poetry.

It took my MUCH longer to create this doll. First of all, the satin-y green fabric i used for her body and limbs was VERY annoying to work with. Hardly an ideal canvas for embroidery and rag-doll making! Then i sewed most of her gown by hand. Once *that* was complete, i then learned (the hard painful way) that wing-making is NOT my strong skill. I mod-podged several layers of green tissue paper, pearl-x, glitter, mesh and lace until it was leather-y, then attached it to a wire base that i then sewed onto the dolls body. It was very problematic and i am still not completely happy with the outcome. And THEN, i discovered just how hard to photgraph some things can be…could not seem to capture the various green shades and sparkle of the doll.

But, the piece, as a whole, makes me me feel very good about the hours and hours and MORE hours spent on it’s creation, and i learned alot along the way. Cheers to la Fée Verte…i hope i get to taste it someday…..


September 13th, 2006

Look what i found on the gound today!

The first fall leaf i have seen so far! I am so ready for autumn, i was thrilled to find this little reminder that it’s coming.

i have been busily sewing tampon cases…it just cracks me up to see a bunch of them together like that. :)

Things are still slow ’round here…but i am working on a new dolly, and getting ready to jump back into sewing a skirt from a pattern. Doing alot of doodling too… I never knew that i would like drawing so much!I was also super domestic and baked a batch of molasses cookies

molasses cookies!

from that Everyday Food recipe i have been wanting to try. They are good, but i think they would be better if they were softer, more cake-ish cookies instead of crunchy. While i was mixing them, i was talking to my mom and she told me something that my Grandma used to say when she baked molasses cookies:

"How can i Mo-lasses get

when i ain't had NO 'lasses yet?"

Yes, my family is very Southern! :)


just can’t handle it

September 12th, 2006

Ooooooh, i was on a ROLL last night! I had finished the tree embroidery and decided to make a little bag with it for Mutation. Everything was going great….

But i didn’t really think it through, you see. I did not work out any sort of plan for a handle/strap BEFORE i started sewing the thing. The usual “bull in a china shop” method, you know. Typical Amanda half-assery. And now, i have no idea how to finish the damn thing. So far none of my experiments have looked right. My hub thinks it should have a macrame handle/strap. Do i know how to do macrame? NO. i do not! I am really stuck! Fabric strap? Wooden handle? Twigs maybe? I am at a loss!!!

But, at least i was MAKING something! It was wonderful to be creating, even if i HAVE hit a road-block!

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