Running away….

July 25th, 2008


teehee Silly promo video, no!?

I’ll post some pics and tell you all about it in the morning. Now i’m off to break a gam….


Cirque de Lunatics

July 23rd, 2008

Well…the time is drawing ever closer to my Vaudeville debut! Tonight is the final dress rehearsal before the show on friday. My nerves are strung up about as tight as my fiddle strings!

Here’s my fancy violin that i will be totally “rocking out” with in the Cirque show. My mister made her and i painted her and tarted her up with some ribbons and lace….and i named her “Fiddle DeeDee”. She’s a hefty wooden wonder and love her.

I’ve also finished up the last embellished slip for the dancers. “La perle du Cirque”…..

The dancer that this one is for is playing a character that is a bit of a “Diva” so i kind of ran with that idea….”The Pearl of the Circus”.

Lots of lace “roses” and pearls handsewn on. Layers of lace trims at the hem.

i removed the original straps and made new ones from strips of layers lace, and trimmed out the bodice with more lace and pretty trims as well as a “rose corsage”made of, you guessed it, LACE!

Now i am putting the finishing touches on my own costume….I don’t a photo of the whole enchilada yet, but as soon as i do, i’ll share. i CAN tell you it involves this:

It’s a skirt made of a vintage sheer curtain panel that i tea dyed, various layers of lace and teadyed eyelet from a thrifted pillow sham. This will be gathered up into a bustle and worn over a black vintage slip and some fantastic “jailhouse striped” stockings and vintage tap pants. Corset and tea-dyed lace camisole on the top. And best of all, the crowing glory…..

My utterly amazing mini topper that Christa over at Gypsy Junk Knits made for me! I am THRILLED to have such a grand reason to pop open the magic hatbox and unveil this little lovely again .

Well….i suppose i should get busy……hoping i can pop in just one more time before the big night. Until then, i hope you are all well and wonderful!!!


…even the orchestra is beautiful!

July 17th, 2008

Oh my, how time has sped by! I hadn’t intended to do yet another disappearing act, but i have fallen down the rabbit hole and found myself pursuing a new adventure that i never dreamed i’d try…. I’ve slipped back in time and ended up doing Vaudeville! I have become a violin playin’ band girl! I never knew i could “play” the violin (teehee!!!!)…and i never knew i’d run away and join the Cirque!

I’ve been insanely busy with rehearsals, and i am lucky enough to be doing the costuming for the Delirium Tribal dancers in part of the performance. I’ve been sewing up embellished slips for them to wear during a “backstage” scene in the show! Lots of tea-dying, reconstructing and flying lace around the Buttonbox as the deadline looms ever nearer…

So that’s where i’ve been and what i’ve been up to! I have been so busy that my head is spinning, but i have not forgotten that i have three CDs to send out…pretty please bear with me til i get through my mad Cirque adventure and then i’ll get it done I PROMISE!

I’ll be sharing more pics and tales as this wild endeavor unfolds…. Drunken accordion players! Fire eating! Diva dancers with bad attitudes! Angry orchestra shenanigans! It’s VAUDEVILLE, darlings!

hoping that you are all well and wonderful!!