Let me read your palm….

February 9th, 2010

“Chiromancie” is palmistry in French….why does EVERYTHING sound so much prettier in French?

This vintage slip needed some repair, so i fixed all it’s little time-worn wounds. i dyed it twice with tea, once with Chai, once with Earl Grey, to give it a really mottled and antique coloring.

I stitched on many many layers of various lace trims at the hem. The embellishments are a hand-embroidered palmistry chart worked onto 1940’s era doily, rosettes of gathered lace, vintage rhinestone buttons, and a satin rose and vine applique to which i added a few tiny rhinestones recycled from a vintage dress.

At the hip, i stitched on another very old doily and some lace with little pearls, also recovered from a vintage dress. Pretty lace trim under the bust and YET ANOTHER old doily and lace rosette at the bodice.

I do so  love a doily……

well, THAT was fun!

February 7th, 2010

The New Year has come and gone with nary a peep or a post on this poor unloved blog. As usual, it’s hard to balance LIVING life, staying creative, taking interesting photos of said creativity, and sharing it here. I miss it.

2009 flew past so fast, and there were many many changes. Some good, some sad, but all a part of my growth. I did so much lasy year it’s dizzying to think over it all. I made so many things that i never got photos of! I had the honor of participating in an incredibly wonderful indie craft fair “Crafty Feast” in my community, i had a fun run with Columbia Alternacirque, went on hiatus from circuslife, quit bellydancing, played with fire,  couldn’t stand to stay away from bellydance afterall and joined a new dance troupe, adapted to my Mister going back to school, and on and on.

I miss my daily babbling, but sometimes it’s hard to go on and on about “me me me” without feeling kinda self-centered. I am not really interesting in the grand scheme of things, and it sometimes feels awkward. My life is not one magical adventure after another, and who wants to read all my rambling run-on sentences anyway!

That said, i have this yearning to return to my habit of sharing my creative processes, my misadventures, and my occasional triumphs. So for 2010, i would really really like to get back to blogging more often. I am going to try…..really i am! No, i mean it!

So, here we go!

Just so we don’t have an utterly photo-less post, i’ll share one my favorite Button Box designs  of the winter….”Nostalgia Scarves”!

I actaully made five of these, but i was unable to get photos of all of them. I REALLY love them! They are a mash-up of eyelet lace vintage “dresser scarves that i pieced togehter, all kinds of laces, layered up, made into rosettes and whathaveyou, old doilies and vintage buttons. All dyed with tea, of course (it’s what i do! it’s my thing!) They were so fun to make….collaging all that old stuff that would normal laungish in someone’s boxes of “crap that used to belong to my granny”. Really proud of them, and i get all giddy when i see them adorning my friends who scooped ‘em up. There is only one left….finding the matching sets of eyelet dresser scarves that i need to create them is a bit of a treasure-hunt, so i doubt i’ll make any more unless i get lucky again! Spring is just around the corner anyway, so i need to turn my creative eye on more spring-y things anyway! I can always tell….pink is catching my eye and i’m dreaming of flowers and gnomes and faerie-ish whimsy!

Hoping that spring dreams are filling your days, too!