Thrifted Vintage Sheet + New Sewing Skills = JOY!

May 17th, 2007

I have to say….taking this sewing class is the best thing i have done for myself in AGES. I love learning, and i love what happens to that learning once my mind processes it…

At last, i have sewn a skirt from a “REAL” pattern, with a “REAL” zipper installed. I am over the moon with joy….i made something that i can really wear! All by myself!!!!

It’s all cut from a vintage sheet, so it’s thrifty and recycled!

I just did a simple rolled hem, and added the eyelet and ric rac just for fun…

I had to wing it with the waist…the pattern piece that i was supposed to use was long gone. So i just used bias tape and allowed it to hang long in the back so i could tie it in a girlie bow. The zipper was not hard to put in at all, thank to the fabulous tutorial by Michelle of Green Kitchen.

Of course, i could not resist putting on some flair!

I can’t believe i made the whole thing….damn it feels good to be a crafter :)

But i can’t take all the credit…none of this would have turned out as well with out the help of my new baby….

Janome Sewist 525, how d i love thee??? Let me count the ways…..

My amazingly sweet Mister picked this up for me yesterday for my birthday. Yes, it’s very early to think birthday, but i have really been struggling with my old machine…its the little Brother that couldn’t! In class, i was fighting it constantly, it won’t even sew over the end of a zipper and it pulls to the left while you stitch so you have to hold on for dear life or everything goes wonky. But i won’t speak TOO ill of it….that machine sewed alot of dollies, purses, monsters and aprons and such. I learned alot from it and it did the best it could for me, bless it’s heart. It is ready for retirement with honor :)

My sewing corner looks so much swankier with new ‘Nome, and i hear it calling to me….i am ready to see what else it can do!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day! :)


18 Responses to “Thrifted Vintage Sheet + New Sewing Skills = JOY!”

  1. jennifer w. Says:

    Very lovely! Looks so fresh and fun!

  2. Michelle Says:

    Your skirt is a tasty confection. I love the details. Isn’t it crazy how good it feels to sew your own clothes? Your machine looks very swanky.

  3. Christa Z. Says:

    Oh joy, I could only imagine the creativity that may be unleashed. I often find myself musing on the possiblities that a new sewing machine would incurr, but alas I am not brave enough.
    But your skirt looks super cute, have fun wearing it.

  4. Stacie Says:

    I love the skirt! You crafty woman, you!! Now get out there and wear that skirt!!!

  5. Mim Says:

    Too cute! You need to model it for us. Nice b-day gift too. Hub’s a great guy…so thoughtful!!!

    Can’t wait to see the next Button creation.

  6. Barb Says:

    Wow…hats off to you for a fabulous recycled skirt that has been embellished to perfection. Just imagine how many of these babies you could whip up. My sister taught me how to make a pair of ten-minute pants from a vintage tablecloth and it took her ten minutes…she has this magical way of sewing leg and crotch seams that is too simple for words. Fold over the top, insert elastic and I was wearing them in no time flat. Goes to show you that creating your own fashion statement doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Can’t wait to see more of your spring and summer line!

  7. Flo Says:

    Lady you are getting soooo talented!
    I LOVE this skirt. I’ve been working on some skirts but they are not nearly as adorable as this!!!!!!!!

  8. Angelina Says:

    I am so mad at my computer, I don’t know what the problem is but it won’t update your website so I have checked for new posts on your blog every day since you wrote the “From Eric” post. I was starting to get a little worried about you.

    Then I saw a link to your site on another blog and I thought, what the heck, I’ll see if there’s something new there.

    And it turns out you’ve been posting and my computer hasn’t let me see.

    Anyway, this outfit is fabulous! I love the sheet fabric you used for the skirt and the flower detail too.

  9. jungle dream pagoda Says:

    You must feel like a spring fairy in this skirt,how lovely are the details!!!!

  10. jungle dream pagoda Says:

    PS ,and what a great hubs to get you such a wonderful present!

  11. Heidi Says:

    I love the biased tape bow. I’ve been seeing vintage sheet skirts all over blogland, but yours has finally inspired me to jump in and try one. I love it!

  12. Dooberoo Says:

    Great job on the skirt. I remember having the same exact sheets on my canopy bed as a child.

  13. Natasha Says:

    I just came across your blog and have been nosing around a bit!! I love the skirt you did a fabulous job, I love the embellishments.

    I really like your bird a very nice bit of art!! Looks great on your shoulders.

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  15. holly Says:

    I found your blog through a search for Janome Sewist 525. Can I ask you if you still love it as much as when you first got it? I’m debating getting one and just thought I’d ask how you like yours.

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